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Serengeti Symphony

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Product ID: HM1 CS FO-2302
By Laurens van Rooyen

Highland Music
Peter Veenhuizen
Line Up:
Symphony Orchestra
Level: 3,5

Set & Score

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In 2008 Laurens van Rooyen traveled for three weeks with the Walt Disney film crew through Tanzania for the Serengeti Symphony. He wanted to experience the atmosphere himself and see the images that he had to put into music for the film. Peter Veenhuizen arranged a number of pieces into a whole and looked for images from the film that could be shown during a concert.


2121 Alto sax 2210 timp perc str
ad lib. vln. 3
ad lib. Bass Clarinet (= Alto sax)

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Serengeti Symphony
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Laurens van Rooyen

Laurens Johannes van Rooyen was born in Utrecht, Netherlands, as the oldest son of a grocer. After grammar school he studied at the Utrecht Conservatory of Music, where he met with Herman van Veen. With him he founded in 1966 the Harlekijn Muziektheater. They wrote songs and performed together. In 1976 he released his first solo album: Kaleidoskoop. Ever since he continues to publish records with various record companies. At the end of the seventies he composed the score for Jos Stelling's Rembrandt fecit 1669, followed by Een vrouw als Eva (A Woman Like Eve), 1979, Lieve jongens (Dear Boys), 1980 and Een vlucht Regenwulpen (A Flight of Rainbirds), 1981. In the nineties he was also involved in the production of several Dutch films. In 1978 Van Rooyen toured the Netherlands and Belgium, with musicians like guitarist Jan Akkerman. Together with Louis van Dijk, Tonny Eyk, Pim Jacobs, Pieter van Vollenhoven and Daniel Wayenberg he established in 1988 a companionship by the name of de Gevleugelde Vrienden(Winged Friends. 'Vleugel' meaning Wing as well as Grand Piano). They gave more than forty-five concerts throughout the Netherlands. Since the turn of the century Van Rooyen gives frequently piano recitals in the castles and coach houses along the river Vecht. He also performs for special occasions as anniversaries and jubilees. In 2004 he was commissioned a composition for the occasion of the 750th anniversary of the Cathedral of Utrecht. He also toured the theaters with De Verdwenen Minnares (The Lost Mistress), 2005, a musical ode to romance. Together with Geert Huinink he composed the Dance Opera Orfeo.[2] This premiered at the opening of the Amsterdam Dance Event in 2005.
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